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About us
Simon Patrie
Behind the camera

It was during a trip to Peru in 2017 that everything changed for me. I met two Peruvian photographers who inspired me to take this lifelong passion even further.

The evidence was there, and it was simply confirmed: I’m a photographer. As soon as I got back, I decided it was high time to turn this passion into a profession!

I then decided to invest time, energy and resources in fine-tuning my approach and purchasing top-quality equipment. Since then, my camera has followed me almost everywhere as if it were an extension of my body (I’m exaggerating!).

Photography gives me the opportunity to explore my creativity, to play at developing original concepts, to have fun building a story from a precise fraction of a second. At every session, I’m proud and grateful that my subjects, whether adventurers, entrepreneurs, couples or athletes, give me access to a small sample of their lives.

The photographer

You know, that little magic touch, sometimes a little crazy, that makes you unique and irreplaceable in front of my lens? I look for it, I catch it, I highlight it and I freeze it in time! Taddam!


Cultivate a creative, constantly evolving know-how, in all my intensity as a passionate photographer who is always seeking to perfect his expertise, technique and equipment.


Demonstrate genuine, attentive and positive interpersonal skills, for a personalized experience that reflects your image, from the initial call to the delivery of your photos. (Then again, I don’t disappear afterwards!).